building a robot cart & “unbag time”


The height of this year’s robot required a custom-built cart. Rebecca sketched out some ideas that our lead mentor (unpictured) refined. Then, these great mentors worked with Rebecca and a few other students to fabricate and build it.







Here in Michigan, FRC teams are allowed 6 hours of heavily regulated “unbag time” between the “stop-build day” and each district competition. Rebecca and a fellow student unpacked the robot for one of those approved work sessions.



Christian and his friend added some final touches.

DSC_0321 finished bot

After some minor improvements, our finished Recycle Rush robot was ready for driving practice.

DSC_0322 finished bot drive team in background

Christian was selected to control the 1st joystick. Teammate J controlled joystick 2, and Rebecca was appointed as the Drive Coach for this year’s competitions.

DSC_0326 articulated chassis trailer

Note the articulated chassis our team worked so hard to design, fabricate, and assemble! Terry was the mentor in charge of the chassis component. He and Rebecca and teammate J poured hours upon hours into it over the course of the 6-week build season.

DSC_0367 six tote stack

DSC_0383 human player

Our human player practiced loading totes into the robot through the tote chute.

DSC_0403 four totes horizontal container with litter

Just a few days until competition—our drive team practiced until unbag time expired!

Team 4819–Flat Mountain Mechanics
FRC 2015 Recycle Rush