16 years!


Somehow, this young man turned 16 years old!


Rebecca baked Christian’s cake from scratch, and Grandma brought delicious fresh strawberries to serve with our cake and ice cream.


Several family members joined us in wishing Christian a “happy birthday.”


I’m sure they’ve noticed, as we have, how much Christian has matured over the past year. During his sophomore year of high school, he has been working 1 day a week (~6 hours) as a computer technician / web developer. Christian has contributed significantly to the success of the robotics team. As a black belt, he often helps teach lower-belt students in weekly martial arts class. I’m also pleased with Christian’s progress through several difficult school courses this year: Chemistry and Algebra II / Trigonometry.

We’re proud of you, son!






Thank you, family, for joining us in celebration of Christian’s 16th year!


cotton candy!


Valentine’s Day can represent a challenge for those who react to artificial ingredients. Most of Walmart’s red and pink candy aisle contains petroleum-derived dyes. Unfortunately, those dyes would cause my children to alternately freak out and space out for a week or more. Ugh.


Although local stores sell a few safe candies, NaturalCandyStore.com sells some more exciting options. This time I surprised my children with some all-natural grape cotton candy!


Golden begged while Becca fought with the package.





P.S.  Most of you have seen/heard me mention the Feingold program before. If you’re interested in reading more about our Feingold experience, you may enjoy reading this earlier blogpost, and/or click on the “Feingold” category listing in my sidebar for all related posts.

P.P.S.  If you’re drooling to buy some healthy (!?) candy, NaturalCandyStore.com kindly indicates Feingold-approved options with F1 or F2 symbols!

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