Christian’s 17th birthday


Way back near the beginning of January, during our hectic robot-build season, Christian turned 17.


Golden wanted to eat Christian’s new duct tape.

DSC_0548Later in the month we finally gathered family for his birthday party.


As usual, Grandma baked Christian’s request–yummy homemade peanut butter cake. Sister Rebecca used the torch to light his candles.


What a handsome young man!


Among many gifts, Christian received a handy-dandy crowbar. Just the thing every teenager needs!


Grandma and Aunt Nay were surprised to see they had worn matching red plaid flannel shirts:) Unfortunately, they look like palm leaves are growing from their heads here. Perhaps I should have instead posed them outside in our winter landscape?


Uncle Matt kindly held Golden’s paw.

DSC_0600Even the un-birthday girl received some gifts from our crazy family members.


We enjoyed seeing cousin Jeanni’s growing baby-bump, too.


Thanks for joining us in celebrating Christian’s birthday!

January 2015


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