Bot Bash Champions!


Now that it’s February of 2015, I figured I should finish this blogpost I started last fall. Way back in October, Rebecca was grinning at the GLBR Bot Bash.


Once again, Christian’s programming code enabled our robot to score a 2-ball auton (when our alliance partner was unable to shoot autonomously).


Rebecca tightened bolts between matches.


So intense!


For our two young people, I think the most difficult part of this competition was watching other teammates drive the robot! To fully optimize learning opportunities at this unofficial off-season event, two new drive teams joined our experienced drive team in a rotation. Of our 11 regular Bot Bash matches, Christian and Rebecca only “drove” 4 times. When they weren’t participating in a match, they were typically busy providing support for the robot and the “green” drive teams.


A nonchalant pose by pro human player Christian:)


After lunch we had risen to 4th place among the 20 or so robotics teams attending. As leaders of the 4th-seed alliance, our team’s clever strategists selected 2 hard-working rookie teams to join us in the elimination rounds. Our first choice was Team 5231, Shepherd’s Radical Jays, whom we’ve mentored occasionally and battled against (in a friendly way:) over the past year. The rookie Heritage ONE Hawkbots, Team 5229 from Saginaw, filled the third spot on our alliance.


Here, Christian used his height to catch the ball trussed from an alliance partner, then quickly tossed the ball into our robot to collect more assist points.


Our kids, with the experienced drive team, were chosen to play throughout the “playoffs” to give us the best chance at a win.


Heading into the Finals, the girls of our main drive team paused a moment to pray.



The 3 finals matches were extremely competitive. We were playing against 2 of the Bot Bash host teams–The Charge, 2619 of Midland and Team Phoenix, 703 of Saginaw–with many more years’ experience than our relatively new team.



You may watch videos of the Bot Bash Final Series Matches via YouTube:

GLBR Bot Bash – Finals-1

GLBR Bot Bash – Finals-2

GLBR Bot Bash – Finals-3


Our team was also selected for the “Hottest Bot” award, presented by Saginaw’s Team Phoenix!


These trophies were especially unique and classy. Many thanks to FIRST of the Great Lakes Bay Region for a terrific Bot Bash!


Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash
Off-Season Competition
Midland, MI
Flat Mountain Mechanics Team 4819
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


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