AirVenture 2014


Although the rest of my family had attended AirVenture on Monday and Tuesday, I waited until Wednesday to enter the airport. Even with Terry’s EAA membership discount, those daily tickets are expensive!

Anyway, we began our Wednesday in the homebuilt section. Terry hoped to see some Super Rebels built by other pilots. He explained to me that the instructions for the Super Rebel he and his Dad are building are incredibly vague at times. Seeing how other people completed their kit planes would help.

According to the ID card on this plane’s prop, it hails from Louisville, Kentucky.







While we were riding the tractor-driven tram from one area of the airport to another, Terry spied Rebecca and her fellow pink-shirted campmates at this welding exhibit. Alas, the tram was moving at a relatively quick pace! I was tempted to jump off and talk to Rebecca, but I refrained, allowing her to enjoy the authentic (away-from-family!) camp experience.


EAA AirVenture 2014
Oshkosh, Wisconsin


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