Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin


This peaceful spot along Lake Winnebago within Menominee Park was just what I needed.



On this particular Monday morning in July, I had already dropped Terry and Christian off at the huge mass of humanity called EAA Airventure, where I learned that parking lot attendants are not always friendly. I had argued with Dum-Dum the GPS, who instructed me to drive on several routes blocked off by Oshkosh police. [I suspect Oshkosh police sat in patrol cars behind those barriers chortling at out-of-town folks’ confusion.] I had negotiated 3 consecutive 2-lane roundabouts in busy traffic where I’d never before traveled. I had traversed a 2-mile circuit on 1-way campus streets 3 times as the tiny parking lot (where our letter directed us to park) was completely full. I had finally wedged my Pacifica into the single available parking spot on that 3rd circuit. I had delivered my 14-year-old daughter to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh dorm for her aviation camp. In short, I was a mess.








When I wasn’t photographing these entertaining waterfowl, I relaxed in my Pacifica. Even from the car, I could hear gentle waves lapping against the shore of Lake Winnebago.


Tuesday’s traffic was slightly better while I dropped off my menfolk, and I had no need to drive onto UofW’s campus. I made my way back to the same spot in Menominee Park. On this day, winds were lighter and Lake Winnebago was nearly silent.



I spent several hours gazing and reading in blessed serenity….

Finally I pulled myself away—a late lunch in town and more crazy airshow traffic to pick up those menfolk.

7.28.14 & 7.29.14
Menominee Park
Lake Winnebago
Oshkosh, Wisconsin


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