More State Championship!


The 2014 FRC Michigan State Championship was an amazing experience for our Flat Mountain Mechanics. I tried to limit the number of photos posted here on my blog, but more pics can be found in this flickr album.

20140411 110400 1DX_7110.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 110445 1DX_7114.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

Match 64 with Truck Town Thunder was our highest scoring match of the weekend. We won 310 to 64!

YouTube videos are available for most of our matches at this competition. To find them, click on this page and scroll down to the Michigan State FRC Championship section. The left column of that chart displays icons linked to YouTube clips.

20140411 122008 5D3B0778.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 122033 1DX_7215.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 122100 1DX_7217.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 154731 1DX_7353.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 154742 1DX_7354.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 154803 1DX_7356.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 164435 5D3B0840.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140411 164457 1DX_7413.jpg

 [photo credit Daniel Ernst]


Autonomous high hot goal in Match 109 with Las Guerillas.

20140412 093709 5D3A7599.jpg

 [photo credit Daniel Ernst]

20140412 093746 5D3A7602.jpg

 [photo credit Daniel Ernst]


Another win! Our record for the entire competition was 8-4 and we ranked 14th of the 64 teams at state!


State of Michigan Governor Snyder visited and spoke for several minutes. We are extremely grateful for his support of STEM and robotics programs! Governor Snyder championed a State of Michigan grant that funded the majority of our robotics expenses this year! Without that grant, our season would have looked much different.


The Senior Vice President and Director of one of our major sponsors, American Mitsuba, drove downstate just to visit us!


Loud, boisterous music filled the arena. Rebecca modified the motions to the YMCA song a bit:)



Aunt Bianca drove over from Grand Rapids for most of Saturday’s competition. We thank her and our other family members who support our team in spirit!


Our best news arrived with the award ceremony Saturday evening…the Flat Mountain Mechanics qualified for the 2014 World Championship!

Points accumulated from the district and state competitions ranked us 30th out of Michigan’s 277 teams! St. Louis, Missouri, here we come!

4.11.14 – 4.12.14
Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
Michigan State Championship
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


One thought on “More State Championship!

  1. Laura in MO says:

    Okay… that is seriously COOL!!!!! LOVE this whole post and the robotics competition. Great stuff!

    I haven’t dropped by your blog in awhile and wow, your kids have grown!

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