In my last post about the quarterfinals, I forgot to mention that our alliance was the 7th-seeded alliance and we somehow managed to upset the 2nd-seeded alliance. That type of thing rarely happens in FRC competitions! Anyway, the semifinals pitted us against the 3rd-seeded alliance.


Our alliance maintained the same successful strategy from the quarterfinal matches. The Freeland Fabricators, Team #5166, who had replaced the ailing RoboDawgs, inbounded the ball and passed it to our robot, gaining assist points. We would often truss the ball for an extra 10 points and grab the ball again and score it. Team #68 was constantly busy playing defense.


We won 2 straight matches in a row to advance to the finals!


Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
Great Lakes Bay Region FIRST District Competition
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


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