Our first quarterfinal match was truly awful. Technical difficulties abounded. Strangely, our robot only drove forward during auton, rather than shooting the ball into the high goal. In the teleop phase, Rebecca and her fellow driving partner were able to dump the ball into the low goal, but the robot was not responding properly to their controllers.

We were not the only team experiencing trouble. The RoboDawgs’ bot #288 spun in a tight circle for the rest of the match despite its drive team’s attempts to redirect it.

The FTA (Field Tech Advisor) told our drive team that a file transfer program installed on our driver station computer may have been causing interference. Grateful for double-elimination brackets, we hoped that a fresh install of the code would solve our trouble and enable us to continue. Just one more loss would end our competition for the entire season.


We started our next match with a grin as autonomous mode worked flawlessly. One of our alliance partners was different during this match, though. Even after an extended time-out, the RoboDawgs had not been able to repair their robot. The next-ranked team was drafted to play in their place. Team #5166, a rookie from Freeland, stepped in as our partner. With only a moment to strategize, our alliance worked together surprisingly well.


Rebecca and her co-driver fought to score despite heavy defense.



Yikes—5 bots nearly mashed together!


Only Rebecca’s high-goal buzzer-beater saved us from elimination!


I should have included this pic in my “battle damage” post. Wow!


We persevered to win the next brutal match by a margin of only 10 points! On to the Semifinals!

Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
Great Lakes Bay Region FIRST District Competition
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


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