Saturday morning struggles


Although this photo is regrettably blurry, check out the ball’s height as Rebecca’s driving motion launched it toward the goal.


And the drive coaches below, ducking to avoid calamity:)


Despite our robot’s significant scoring, teams such as 5231, our favorite rookie friends (whom we mentored this season 🙂 ) guarded us heavily.


We lost all three qualification matches on Saturday morning.


It was painful.


But Team 4819 kept scoring as they were able.


Cousins Jeanni & Jenae visited to watch a match, and I explained to them that our team was playing better here than at Kettering, but our ranking just did not reflect it. We had slipped down to 32nd place of 40 teams. Ugh.

One thing we noticed was the randomly-assigned alliances for qualifying matches seemed stacked against us. For example, during our 12 qualifying matches we played against the two seemingly-strongest teams (who were ranked 1st and 2nd), but somehow never with them (together on an alliance). Half of the teams at this competition were also rookies.  Some of the rookie teams were excellent alliance members, but others had clearly inexperienced human players that couldn’t figure out where and when to inbound the ball.


At least somebody recognized our hardworking efforts. During the alliance selection ceremony, one of the teams who earned their spot in the elimination rounds asked the Flat Mountain Mechanics to join their alliance! Team #288, the RoboDawgs, of Grandville selected us to join them and Team #68, Truck Town Thunder, of Ortonville in the quarterfinal rounds. We gratefully assented and the alliance began to talk game strategy. Yeah!

Then we headed to the cafeteria to eat the pizza I ordered for the team [not pictured].


After lunch, our head mentor asked Christian to take this potential new team member to the pits to show him the robot. This student is currently a member of a local FTC junior high team we assisted last fall. He is interested in joining our team next year as a freshman.

Next up, the quarterfinals!

Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
Great Lakes Bay Region FIRST District Competition
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


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