battle damage


Gouges and scrapes cover our battle-scarred robot.


Before competition began, our students installed a new Plexiglass panel across the back of their robot to protect the pneumatic gauges. In match 29, another bot must have snagged that panel, detaching the Velcro. Note the rectangular object on the field near the ball.


Rebecca tugged the Plexiglass from the carpet and stuck it back on the robot, noting these interesting robot track patterns!


A student from the RoboDawgs team pointed out the different styles of robot wheels which made each particular track pattern.


One of our dedicated mentors dropped to the floor, his official mentor shirt providing an excellent contrast for this Plexiglass panel photo:)


Later in the competition, Mr. K carved this crumpled piece of metal from the robot arm. Rebecca is proud of her souvenir scrap metal!





After one match we saw our kids laughing with an opposing alliance’s team, pointing at each others’ robot bumpers.





Back at the pits, we discovered what they were laughing about. Team 5231, the Radical Jays, had been guarding our robot so heavily that a portion of one of their bumper decals transferred to our robot bumper!


Our kids had already been acquainted with students from Team 5231. Because they’re a new team in our area, we’d met with them several times, providing support during their challenging rookie year. Christian and another teammate had even traveled to one of their build sessions to help with robot programming.



3.21.14 + 3.22.14
Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
Great Lakes Bay Region FIRST District Competition
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist

One thought on “battle damage

  1. Kristine says:

    These are just so awesome, I’m smiling my way through the entire post! What fun!

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