robot Friday



During our rookie year, the Alma team assisted our team with some start-up advice. This year, Christian returned the favor with some computer programming consultation. He helped repair their autonomous code!


Rebecca had prepared a chart to collect scouting data, and she began to fill in information about specific teams.



This competition featured much more aggressive fighting than at Kettering District. In some instances, all 6 robots were in one particular portion of the field playing vicious defense and offense in one great mass. This is one of the reasons why the students and referees are required to wear safety glasses on and around the field!


After each match, the robot returned to the pit for a fresh battery.


Referees track scores on the field, but blue-shirted judges observe and interview teams for potential awards, such as the GM Industrial Design Award we won at Kettering.



Christian explained how the ultrasonic sensor assists the drive team in estimating how far our robot is from the goal.






A hot auton score!


Rebecca’s high goal here tallied extra points for our alliance because the blue robots had assisted each other down the field.

For the Midland competition, not all of the videos were posted on YouTube, but here is match 51:



Our drive team was grinning at the end of this particularly well-played match where we were allied with 2 rookie teams and won.

For Friday, our official record, though, was a lackluster 4-5. Hopefully Saturday would bring better results for our team.

Aunt Bianca and the Grandparents came to watch some of the competition today. I sure wish I’d snapped a photo of them. These competitions are so crowded and noisy that it’s hard to attend to guests:( We certainly appreciate their support!

Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
Great Lakes Bay Region FIRST District Competition
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


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