Thursday prep @ Midland Competition


2 ft-diameter exercise balls zoomed through the air. Practice matches had begun at the Great Lakes Bay Region FIRST District Competition.



A few practice matches demonstrated that our robot’s cannon was losing pressure due to a leak, despite the fantastic drive team’s best efforts.


Rebecca and her teammate had assembled an additional “cannon” last week to solve this potential problem. In the “pit” they replaced the cannon and then wheeled the robot to a testing area to check the new cannon’s range. Excellent!


Back out on the practice field, Christian prepared to inbound a ball.


In real competition matches, teams receive a foul penalty for “possessing” the opposite team’s ball. The color of your robot’s bumpers are changed to coordinate with the color of your alliance’s balls, so a red robot should only be possessing a red ball. In practice matches, though students and robots just grabbed whichever color balls were nearby. Seeing a blue ball in our red-bumpered robot looks so wrong here. However, the great news is that Christian’s inbound was successful:)




At least this competition facility was just an hour from home, so we could drive home and sleep in our own beds before returning for the following morning’s competition.

Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


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