more Kettering Competition


By Friday evening, our drive team was on a roll.







Here’s a video of what I think is the Flat Mountain Mechanics’ best collaborative match of the weekend:

Both mentors and students from Team 70, More Martians praised our drivers, exclaiming, “Finally, we had a partner!”

By the way, all the Kettering matches have been uploaded to YouTube. After you watch the above match, you should be able to locate the other videos if you’re interested. This webpage lists the matches in which we participated.


As the initial autonomous period of this match began, all 3 red alliance robots moved forward across the line, earning 5 points each. In this 10 seconds of what they call “auton,” drivers cannot touch the controls. During “auton,” the robots only move as they were programmed. In this match, Team 70’s bot unfortunately missed their shot, but Christian was waiting for our robot to make its well-calculated move.


Because Christian programmed our robot to observe when the high-goal lights glowed, our robot waited until the goal was “hot,” earning bonus points!


Preparing for a truss toss.




That win boosted us to 3rd place, but our robot was battered and bruised. Team members worked fervently to straighten and strengthen various components and eliminate leaks in the pneumatics.


We even saw competitors from other teams photographing our robot!

By the Friday evening, although other teams played a few more matches and elevated their rankings, we were proud of our 6th-place standing. We headed to the hotel for a few hours’ sleep with plans to head back to Kettering at 7:30 Saturday morning.

Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


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