Kettering / Flint District Competition

20140308 112242 5D3B8979.jpg

While I sort through over a thousand photos I snapped at our Kettering / Flint District Competition, I’m posting these excellent photographs by Daniel Ernst. This talented man volunteers his time as an official FIRST photographer for Michigan events. His Flickr profile claims that he is not a professional, but these images certainly appear professional to me. All photos in this post are property of Daniel Ernst. I thank Mr. Ernst for his generosity in sharing his artwork for the advancement of robotics!

20140308 112459 1DX_2722.jpg

Rebecca drove the robot and operated the “cannon” mechanism. Her friend controlled the ball pick-up and release mechanisms. Behind them was the drive coach.

20140308 112035 5D3B8974.jpg

This year’s robot was 116 lbs, which is about what Rebecca weighs now!

20140308 114611 5D3A2685.jpg

20140308 114636 1DX_2760.jpg

20140308 112337 5D3A2662.jpg

20140308 112429 1DX_2720.jpg

Rebecca inadvertently knocked over this robot during a particularly frantic match. Oops.

20140308 140957 5D3B9018.jpg

Our entire drive team consisted of home-educated students, although some of our team members are public-schooled.

20140308 112302 5D3A2655.jpg

20140308 080220 5D3B8719.jpg

After each match, the robot was carted back to our “pit area” where a fresh battery was installed. These matches were so vicious that many repairs and adjustments were required throughout the weekend.

20140308 095014 1DX_2565.jpg

Christian was the “human player” in our matches. He had many rules to remember. There are strict regulations governing when, where, and how the ball may be in-bounded.

20140308 095140 1DX_2568.jpg

During this match I think team 5155 was charged with a foul for trapping our ball longer than allowed.

20140308 114705 1DX_2761.jpg

20140308 114739 1DX_2763.jpg

20140308 141447 1DX_2889.jpg

20140308 141449 1DX_2890.jpg

20140308 141604 5D3A2724.jpg

20140308 141655 1DX_2900.jpg

20140308 144330 5D3A2742.jpg

20140308 144356 1DX_2964.jpg

ALL photos in this post remain property of Daniel Ernst
featuring Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
FRC 2014 Aerial Assist


One thought on “Kettering / Flint District Competition

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    I’m so excited I get to attend the Midland competition later this month! 🙂 I’m so very proud of Christian and Rebecca… and Terry and you (Heather) for your strong support of this monster time-commitment project. I look forward to seeing your pics!

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