this was once a driveway


We only received about 3 inches of snow overnight, but powerful wind gusts entirely filled our driveway with drifts this morning. Terry left for work early—before the driveway disappeared.



I walked down what I thought was the driveway to survey conditions. A violin lesson and robotics build session were on the schedule for today. The yardstick told me that about 30 inches of snow was freshly blown there near the edge of the driveway.


Well, I could tell from my survey that we weren’t getting out without help. Our driveway is too long to shovel by hand in a matter of a few hours.


The small plow blade on the 4-wheeler wasn’t gonna fix this mess.


I couldn’t comfortably reach the deepest part in the middle of the driveway in my skirt. [Perhaps I should own snow pants like the rest of the family?] However, this yard stick was mostly buried in the center of the driveway.


That’s where I turned around and high-stepped back to the house.


I phoned to cancel Rebecca’s violin lesson, and sent an SOS to Terry at work. Thankfully, his scheduled meetings were finished for the day. He left early and hurried home, where Christian met him at the end of the driveway with heavy boots, coat, and snow pants.

It’s odd how different angles of wind will alternately fill in different roads/driveways. This time, our north/south road wasn’t drifted too badly, but the east/west driveway was jam-packed.


Here was Terry’s view with his phone as Christian ran out to meet him. Terry spent 3+ hours plowing with his dad’s tractor and then the 4-wheeler in order to rediscover the driveway! He and the kids were late to robotics meeting but still managed to contribute significantly before coming home after 9pm.

The tricky part is that snowplows didn’t clear our road today at all. Typically, when the plows come through, the end of our driveway fills with snow. Those conditions caused my car to be stuck in the the driveway twice last week. I have no photos of those experiences because I was too busy shoveling and muttering to document the misery. Anyway, I sure hope that I’ll be able to drive Christian to work tomorrow morning, and that we won’t be snowed in again. What a severe winter this has been! Please, Lord, can we move on to spring now?



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