robotics build season kick-off

robotics kickoff

Terry drove the kids to a kick-off event for the 2014 FRC build season. The build challenge for this year was revealed: Aerial Assist. You can follow that link to read more about the challenge and watch the game animation. Last year’s challenge involved Frisbees and climbing towers, but this year’s game involves 2-ft diameter exercise balls! Yikes!

Flat Mountain Mechanics team meetings are scheduled 5-6 days/per week for the duration of our 6-week build season. Terry is the team mentor responsible for robot programming and CAD, so he’ll be present at most meetings. Christian is the lead student programmer. Rebecca has been elected as the team treasurer, and I’m helping her to track the team’s funds as the bookkeeping mentor. A few weeks ago I polished the team’s 501 (c)(3) application, aiming for tax-exempt status which should improve our fundraising efforts. Both kids and Terry have been brainstorming and assisting with building prototypes and the robot chassis. Apparently, we’re eating, sleeping, and breathing robot for the next month or so.

photo credit: Terry & his cell phone


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