Go Tigers!


On September 19th, we attended one of the Detroit Tigers’ last regular-season home games. Dad bought inexpensive tickets from stubhub in section 113, row 4.


It was interesting to be on level with the field as opposed to the upper deck where we sat last year. Our seats were in right field, near Torii Hunter’s regular position. Torii hit a home run (which I, unfortunately, didn’t capture on film) during the 1st inning!


Doug Fister threw 10 strike-outs over the 7+ innings he pitched!



Cabrera singled and later scored in the 3rd inning.


During game broadcasts, we typically see many foul balls hit into this section of the stands, which juts out into the field a bit, but in this game, the balls flew elsewhere. Torii Hunter ran in front of us and behind us in search of fly balls.


Just prior to this photo, Prince Fielder had run toward a fly ball which landed out-of-reach in the stands. Although we couldn’t see exactly what happened because of the crowd, we later saw news reports that Fielder snatched and ate a fan’s nacho chip right after that play!


Jose Iglesias made some terrific plays at shortstop. His hand was later hit by a pitch while batting in the 6th inning. We learned afterward that x-rays were negative, but there were several quiet minutes in the stadium before Iglesias was escorted off the field.


Victor Martinez doubled twice, earning 2 RBIs for the day.



Joaquin Benoit came in to pitch the final inning.


I think we won. It was difficult to see past these men who stood up and blocked my view.



Final score Seattle Mariners 4, Detroit Tigers 5.

We’ve been so busy this semester, that I’m behind in blogging. [No surprise there.] As I publish this post, the Tigers are playing in the 6th ALCS playoff game. They must win today’s game against the Boston Red Sox to continue in the playoffs. I sure hope they are able to win tonight and move on to the World Series again!



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  1. Heather says:

    ugh. maybe next year.

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