fire down on the corner!


I heard sirens one afternoon. Golden barked ceaselessly. Both strange occurrences around here.

Golden’s gaze was fixed upon flames and smoke down on the corner.


Although a light rain was falling, we’d had dry weather lately, and winds were gusting to 23 mph. I was glad to see at least one firetruck on the scene already.

Rebecca and I were so tempted to walk down there and see what was happening, but I knew we should stay away and let the firefighters do their job with out further complication. Actually, Becca was begging me to let her drive across the field on the 4-wheeler, but I nixed that idea.


The wind was blowing west, directly across the road toward the house where Terry’s nephew lives. Further to the west is Terry’s sister Janet’s home. To the right in this photo (just northwest of the fire), a distant cousin of Terry’s lives. I saw that family dragging belongings away from the fire.


From our angle, I thought that the abandoned old Brown homestead was burning, but when Janet came home from work, she discovered that it was only a nearby shed.


Within ten minutes since Golden alerted us, the fire appeared quenched and only smoke was visible from our viewpoint.

On his way home from work, Terry drove by to see the charred shed contents and blackened ground where tall grasses had burned in a path toward the old house. Water from the firetrucks must have halted the flames’ journey.


After supper, we drove down to the corner. I only snapped 2 pics because people were standing nearby, and I felt like a snoop. The old Brown homestead, about which I’d blogged a few years ago, is the white structure in the left of this photo.


I’m so thankful that someone alerted the fire department and that firefighters arrived quickly enough to quench the fire before people or homes were damaged. Praise God!



One thought on “fire down on the corner!

  1. Kristine says:

    Well, that must have been scary! I would be comforted too, knowing that Golden knew something was up and was alerting you. Praise God for a quick response and quick ending.

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