still more Woodruff Lake Airport Fly-In

 photo DSC_0293_zps31519d13.jpg

My favorite airplane at the fly-in was this shiny RV-7.

 photo DSC_0299_zps5fe82469.jpg

 photo DSC_0307_zpsd9458ab2.jpg

As other planes were taking off or landing, I’d snap photos of them and then continue gazing at the RV-7.

 photo DSC_0317_zps95aeb393.jpg

 photo DSC_0318_zps3b5335c2.jpg

 photo DSC_0302_zpsaef368e4.jpg

Do you see the reflection of Rebecca and Christian in this image?

 photo DSC_0301_zps52ae2896.jpg

Navigation by ipad:)

 photo DSC_0300_zps1d4ab7ce.jpg

 photo DSC_0324_zps72f14591.jpg

What gorgeous reflections of God’s sculpted sky!

 photo DSC_0323_zps5d26c1ae.jpg

 photo DSC_0337_zpsbc9f05fb.jpg

 photo DSC_0326_zps71a2d7fa.jpg

 photo DSC_0342_zpsd4b5e1fb.jpg

Although Terry enjoys the RV series, his favorite airplane at Woodruff Lake was this tucked-away Stearman.

 photo DSC_0344_zps9f19f60b.jpg

Several years ago, Terry flew this same Stearman on a short flight with its owner. The Stearman’s open cockpit and its radial engine’s big, throaty rumble captivated him. Too bad it wasn’t rumbling today.

 photo DSC_0348_zps55ab3a6e.jpg

 photo DSC_0351_zpse929d234.jpg

 photo DSC_0356_zpsd31ae3d1.jpg

Good to know.



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