Woodruff Lake Airport Fly-In

 photo DSC_0252_zps03cb1921.jpg

Papa’s local EAA Chapter sponsored a Fly-In at the Woodruff Lake Airport. Although it’s not quite flying yet, Papa brought his partially-assembled homebuilt plane.

 photo DSC_0254_zps11de201c.jpg

Papa bought the kit when Christian was just a baby. He and Terry and now our children have been working together to build it.

 photo DSC_0256_zps2719fd10.jpg

Building a kit-plane is a looooonnnggg and tedious process.

 photo DSC_0257_zps7cede1af.jpg

 photo DSC_0277_zpsfe4657a2.jpg

I’ve been confused about the name of this beast they’re building. Apparently, it’s a Murphy Super Rebel, which is similar to the Murphy Moose. Here is a photograph of someone else’s completed Super Rebel.

 photo DSC_0360_zps13737a31.jpg

A nearly-completed wing resides in our basement, and I think there are other completed portions in Papa’s hangar that were not safely transportable.

 photo DSC_0368_zps9a23537e.jpg

 photo DSC_0369_zpse8400a56.jpg

Thousands of rivets.

 photo 62e27fbf-bd5a-4e95-be28-b4a74e702bcf_zps6ba19002.jpg

 photo DSC_0378_zpsb02092e2.jpg

God blessed us with spectacular weather for the fly-in.

 photo DSC_0380_zps34168023.jpg

 photo DSC_0385_zps2ea782a2.jpg

 photo DSC_0393_zpseae9ae4b.jpg

 photo DSC_0415_zps74105a7e.jpg

 photo DSC_0417_zps504e2dc4.jpg

Rebecca closed the tail section door in preparation for hauling the fuselage back home.

 photo DSC_0424_zps0beb51d8.jpg

 photo DSC_0439_zps9f6330d9.jpg

 photo DSC_0442_zps061fd023.jpg

 photo DSC_0455_zps5fa501df.jpg

 photo DSC_0462_zps3c31decc.jpg

 photo DSC_0473_zps2f563b5b.jpg

Such an unexpected sight on the road!

By the way, I captured photos of other airplanes at the fly-in also, but saved them for separate blogposts as this one was already full of the Super Rebel. Stay tuned.



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