photo eb230acf-0e41-454c-8525-c47fc84385c5_zps23026402.jpg

We tend to stretch birthday celebrations as far as possible around here:) Due to busy schedules, the family party in Rebecca’s honor was pushed into August. She didn’t mind, though:)

 photo 60970e80-2202-4ebb-8595-50328ae698cc_zps651ee53b.jpg

Grandma baked and decorated this delicious cake!

 photo DSC_0215_zps96c38897.jpg

God blessed us with excellent weather for a Panera patio lunch.

 photo DSC_0213_zpsa3266ce9.jpg

 photo DSC_0217_zps929e2d99.jpg

Among other gifts, Rebecca received much-desired arrows for her [borrowed] bow,

 photo DSC_0214_zpsdd69844f.jpg

 photo dfc2a1eb-d48b-4c25-92e2-3a6b0717f66f_zpsa7d89c37.jpg

a quiver to hold those arrows,

 photo 58f194c5-4409-4571-b61e-79a75708271e_zpsa17f5b72.jpg

and a scope for her .22 rifle.

Not pictured was some camo duct tape, some (green) cash, a Cabela’s gift card, and a Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 3: Build Siege Weapons of the Dark Ages book. Are you sensing a theme here?

 photo DSC_0197_zps1334483b.jpg

Thank you, dear family, for joining us at Panera and for showering our adventurous girl with gifts that she enjoys!



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