Birthday Flight!

 photo DSC_0756_zps4fef1b1b.jpg

Rebecca was surprised with an impromptu airplane flight on her birthday!

Terry texted me from a robotics team meeting with the message, “Charlie is bringing Rebecca home.” That puzzled me, as both Terry and Christian were with Rebecca at that meeting, and Charlie’s house isn’t in our direction at all.

 photo DSC_0725_zps8789d248.jpg

Then Terry continued with a further message…”He offered to fly her home. They just left here to drive to the airport.”

 photo a8463814-85bb-4c83-8170-74526425be24_zps95790372.jpg

Ahhhh. Now I understand:)

 photo DSC_0735_zps11466b4e.jpg

In the midst of preparing supper, I grabbed my camera and stepped outside, listening for the drone of a Cessna.

 photo DSC_0741_zps8560cd6c.jpg

Charlie circled a few times until he was confident of his approach speed and altitude. It’s tricky to land on Papa’s short grass strip.

 photo DSC_0746_zps99391661.jpg

Golden was not pleased with the intrusion upon his personal airspace.

 photo DSC_0750_zpsb0d0b5dd.jpg

Their final approach.

 photo DSC_0753_zps54b94041.jpg

I followed the path behind our house to Papa’s runway, where I found Rebecca beaming. Charlie [although sadly not pictured] said she flew much of the way home! After he took off from the airport, Rebecca found her bearings with several landmarks in town, and she was able to steer the plane to our home. Charlie managed the pedals:)

What a birthday surprise! Thank you, Charlie!


P.S. I just noticed that Rebecca was wearing her Air Zoo t-shirt. Totally unplanned! This is certainly a girl who wants to be a pilot!


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