more USS Edson

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Yesterday’s blogpost regarding our tour of the USS Edson overflowed into this one:)

 photo DSC_0656_zpsdbbee3a7.jpg

 photo a147b64f-3f3c-4ce6-a123-e8f4c25b689e_zpsed19ad32.jpg

Rebecca, that’s probably not the best place to stand.

 photo bf4d4e74-ece7-473e-85a4-b6818704c56d_zpsc19c9feb.jpg

She grabbed her hat to avoid its loss overboard.

Papa told us this horrible story about a fellow crewman on the USS Randolph whose hat was blown off on a stormy night. He stepped out from shelter to retrieve his hat, but the man was never seen again. So sad.

 photo 124bcf05-6c7c-48ca-8810-b1384345b9df_zpsfa30cc58.jpg

 photo DSC_0675_zpse7335c15.jpg

 photo DSC_0684_zps06e366a7.jpg

 photo af9a8ab1-a2af-41d6-a38a-a9a2349abbad_zps23200a2f.jpg

Cramped sleeping quarters. Ugh.

 photo DSC_0701_zpsba19b54e.jpg

We finally discovered a way to access the engine room as Papa was hoping.

 photo DSC_0703_zps52a1cfae.jpg

I declined to climb into the bowels of the ship, however.

 photo 0bb94c42-d515-46a8-be3a-eccb258eede4_zps57dbade5.jpg

 photo edbc8ece-0b43-4567-9ea8-c722e270d7c6_zps8bb42c9a.jpg

 photo 2018d8e8-b04f-482b-9241-dadf2c131864_zps18f32241.jpg
The USS Edson is currently being restored by the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum. It appears that some educational displays are being created within the interior of the ship, but we just roamed around:) If your family isn’t blessed with a retired seaman to “show you the ropes,” I think there was a museum staff member or volunteer available to escort tour groups around the ship.



2 thoughts on “more USS Edson

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    What an exciting place to visit. Very cool (with Roy a.k.a. “Papa” to share info from his Navy days! Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

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