USS Edson

 photo 678bf6c6-ba01-40aa-81d7-3402d0abb819_zpse95edd94.jpg

Our parents learned that a U.S. Naval Destroyer was anchored in Bay City, and they invited us to meet them for a tour.

 photo DSC_0587_zps255e89e2.jpg

The Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum arranged for the decommissioned USS Edson to be permanently moored near Saginaw Bay.

 photo DSC_0588_zps2ec1770f.jpg

 photo DSC_0589_zpsb6a448ef.jpg

Rebecca noticed a windshield wiper on the turret window:)

 photo DSC_0601_zps07f6d949.jpg

Torpedo tubes!

 photo DSC_0606_zpsd0699144.jpg

A machine gun post.

 photo DSC_0605_zps4ca5b7b8.jpg

Did you spot the spelling errors?

 photo 06352cc1-abb9-4337-afb8-d8f41dc993e5_zps6a2226b0.jpg

 photo DSC_0608_zps5e1fc863.jpg

“Danger Live Ammunition”

 photo DSC_0616_zps89dd0fcf.jpg

Papa served aboard the Naval Aircraft Carrier USS Randolph, so he shared his naval knowledge with us landlubbers as we toured:)

 photo DSC_0617_zps51003278.jpg

 photo DSC_0620_zps0df1622a.jpg

View from the Pilot House.

 photo DSC_0627_zpsb3dc2b2f.jpg

 photo 9b829ddd-2f48-45d1-918c-9fdd93d11492_zps39ee3424.jpg

 photo DSC_0638_zpse99fba9e.jpg

Huge anchor!

 photo DSC_0641_zpsa16201df.jpg

Oops…this blogpost will capsize if I add any more photos. The rest of my USS Edson pics must wait until tomorrow.



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