Robot demo

 photo DSC_0511_zps28a1c3a9.jpg

Christian and a fellow Flat Mountain Mechanic reattached rubber bands (!) and prepared the robot for another demonstration at a local jr. high school.

 photo DSC_0513_zps2f2cdc55.jpg

Apparently, Rebecca was the team frisbee-holder during pre-op.

 photo 9513e5bd-e2f3-4634-8e26-11b2b451af65_zps666244d6.jpg

The robot refused to turn at first, and Christian was required to change some settings and reboot several times to make it function properly.

 photo 606ace6e-73ef-47c5-80ac-7a33b2c27285_zpseb3f9d36.jpg

Their test of autonomous mode finally worked.

 photo f3ea95ad-6c7a-4ac5-982f-6cc453751ee7_zpsf728c586.jpg

Without guidance, the robot drove forward…

 photo c987a572-c283-4907-b71d-ed9ea878b7b9_zps0bc26144.jpg

until it sensed the goal…

 photo 1f33d017-8e29-4928-82b4-9788d1763d45_zpsd1cb682d.jpg

and dropped the frisbees to score.

 photo DSC_0539_zpsb7cc5f27.jpg

Once the summer-program students arrived, the autonomous demo worked successfully.

 photo DSC_0541_zpsc4b25bb6.jpg

Several videos about FRC were shown to the students while they ate their lunch.

 photo DSC_0552_zpsc01de254.jpg

Teammates answered questions from interested students.

 photo DSC_0554_zps1c1e62c6.jpg

 photo DSC_0555_zpse8c93ad4.jpg

 photo DSC_0557_zps13490c91.jpg

 photo DSC_0565_zps0c6dbc75.jpg

 photo 03a9ec31-c434-4eaa-bcfa-9de45101dc88_zpsd336c567.jpg

 photo DSC_0575_zpsaa5b1d18.jpg

 photo DSC_0580_zps15fef5bc.jpg

Team 4819
Flat Mountain Mechanics
FRC Robotics demonstration
at local jr. high school


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