water crisis

 photo DSC_0469_zps30956037.jpg

Water directly from our well is so terribly hard, washing anything with it is futile unless it has been softened. For over a month this summer, the condition of our water was worsening, and Terry tried everything within his ability to adjust/reset/fix our ailing water softener. He emptied the tank and refilled it with new salt. No improvement. Because of the hard water, even after scrubbing, our dishes weren’t coming clean and showers left us feeling still greasy and grimy. Ugh.

 photo DSC_0476_zpscc5e5b17.jpg

Extensive research of available models (and our available budget) finally led us to purchase another water softener, and Terry installed it with some assistance from his apprentices:)

Ahhhh. Clean and soft water is a luxury for which I am thoroughly grateful! I praise God for clean water, softening technology, an emergency fund, and capable hands which installed the new machine!



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