behind the Tigers’ dugout!

 photo IMG_0018cropped_zps35b948d1.jpg

Aunt Bianca received free front row tickets to a Detroit Tigers’ game, and she kindly invited Rebecca to join her!

Outfielders Dirks and Hunter head to the dugout. I’m amazed how close these seats are to the field! [Much closer than the upper deck where we sat last year.]

 photo IMG_0019cropped_zps31d89d1d.jpg

No way we could afford these on-deck circle tickets; what a perk from Aunt Bianca’s employer!

 photo IMG_0020_zps911b4bed.jpg

That’s Rebecca’s glove on the dugout roof:)

 photo b71ce676-5a06-46d1-91ee-055c9ca602c9_zpsf030fa59.jpg

 photo photo_zpse240cad8.jpg

[photo credit: Amanda, a coworker of Aunt Bianca?]

 photo IMG_0030_zps857c7f58.jpg

Catcher Avila behind the plate.

 photo IMG_0032_zps66e84ea3.jpg

Porcello threw 7 strike-outs as starting pitcher.

 photo IMG_0036_zpsebb1a564.jpg

Cabrera, Infante, Hunter, Peralta, and Fielder.

 photo 8d52e3ec-d6f4-456b-b232-43535f791a85_zps5343c48f.jpg

 photo IMG_0051_zps17f900b8.jpg

Bases loaded…

 photo IMG_0044_zpsed4938bb.jpg

with Prince Fielder at the plate….

 photo IMG_0053_zps1e938511.jpg

All 3 runners scored on Fielder’s double!

 photo d545069d-91a1-42a6-a631-6dfa2e856858_zps0bc5e3d7.jpg

 photo IMG_0075_zps7893876e.jpg

Rebecca said they were walking to the concession stands when she snapped this photo.

 photo IMG_0077_zpsc508213b.jpg

Peralta on 2nd.

 photo IMG_0091_zpsb9eff6ec.jpg

How exciting to see last season’s Triple Crown winner, Miguel Cabrera, so closely!

 photo IMG_0101_zps4e270b4b.jpg

Detroit triumphed 6 to 4, extending the Tigers’ lead in the American League Central to 4 1/2 games.

 photo IMG_0102_zpsec4c4bec.jpg

Pitchers Verlander and Scherzer were among the players who emerged from the dugout to celebrate.

 photo IMG_0109_zps24c8cbac.jpg

By the way, all photos in this post, except where noted, were captured by Rebecca with my old Canon.

 photo IMG_0004_zps163cf91b.jpg

Thank you, Aunt Bianca!

 photo fa4b105e-809b-4ed2-9f57-e95af8866d1e_zpsbbb721a6.jpg

Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians
Comerica Park
Detroit, MI


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