more Tennessee souvenirs

 photo 3fd3b1dc-b8da-43a5-94e0-ad1b69d9b5bf_zps68e51d01.jpg

A Great Smoky Mountains National Park ornament which will grace our Christmas tree this winter.

 photo 46366955-f632-481b-a824-c30878c70edf_zps3c6a2a99.jpg

 photo 72134b58-17c0-4c1d-9b7e-169fdfcb413a_zps01114ad8.jpg

My new cutting board, from Ownby’s Woodcrafts in Gatlinburg, TN.

 photo a96eef39-c8da-4725-82c1-0f746bbe6fb5_zps3957b606.jpg

Car coasters for my Pacifica!

 photo 6d3038bd-56b0-4c35-999f-548ef7a37866_zps741defee.jpg

 photo 01f0d714-9ef6-4338-82f2-f50994b683d8_zps268f1f75.jpg

Our hiking stick with trail medallions:)

June 2013


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