Rich Mountain Road

 photo DSC_0862_zps824082b7.jpg

Terry grins at these types of signs…and eagerly drives on:)

Rich Mountain Road, a 7-mile, one-way route runs north from Cades Cove to the Park boundary at Rich Mountain Gap and on down the mountain to Townsend TN. Rich Mountain Road was built in the 1820s following an old Indian trace into Cades Cove.

 photo DSC_0867_zpsa12c24e3.jpg

It’s strange to see the road you just traversed down below.

 photo DSC_0868_zpsb861d3d6.jpg

 photo DSC_0869_zps4d498010.jpg

Looking over Cade’s Cove, where we just spent the afternoon.

 photo DSC_0871_zps58dbf281.jpg

Can you see the white church spire in the lower right corner? It’s the church I included in my previous post (last pic).

 photo DSC_0879_zps61f2f1d0.jpg

We saw a few trees that looked like they had fallen across or near the road recently. Glad they didn’t fall on us!

 photo DSC_0881_zps9ff0b3b3.jpg

 photo DSC_0884_zpsae986914.jpg

Much cooler temperatures up the mountain.

 photo DSC_0889_zps61b9a347.jpg

 photo DSC_0891_zps25befc6b.jpg

We forded this stream. Glad it was flowing gently today!

 photo DSC_0894_zpsf69aa660.jpg

See the tiny waterfall?

 photo 3a86c403-a7b4-496e-a2d8-11b993358f5d_zps12a188c1.jpg

Whew. Terry navigated us safely UP and DOWN the one-way primitive mountain road. We and the Pacifica survived! Praise God!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Rich Mountain Road from Cade’s Cove to Townsend, TN


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