souvenirs, sunset, and pigs

 photo e115b54e-c243-401e-9d21-8ee598bace3c_zpsce52c731.jpg

We walked through downtown Gatlinburg after our aerial tram ride, searching for souvenirs.

 photo DSC_0570_zps5f873364.jpg

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine was Terry’s choice:)

 photo 4be8f488-e175-4b0b-818a-754bec6106dc_zps62f7496f.jpg

photo credit: Terry and his phone

 photo DSC_0571_zps90cfb416.jpg

Grandma was kind enough to give the kids some souvenir money before we left, and they chose to buy swords with it! Hope you don’t mind, Grandma!?

[I’m not sure of the connection between a mountain vacation and Samurai-style swords, but downtown Gatlinburg seems to offer many unmountain-vacation-like souvenirs.]

Rebecca also chose a snow globe, but it was safely packed away, and I forgot to photograph it.

 photo DSC_0589_zpsc0243e59.jpg

Sunset from the balcony.

 photo DSC_0607_zps609d70b2.jpg

 photo DSC_0623_zpse28defd6.jpg

Our evening entertainment: Pass the Pigs.

 photo DSC_0624_zps84c5c0f9.jpg

 photo DSC_0625_zps7a0add8e.jpg

 photo ac03a5cb-8a85-45ae-b829-059bf42ff767_zps58045bdf.jpg

 photo 5f84cb30-92f8-40b7-ac3a-7cee8dfd79b3_zps2b041d76.jpg

Gatlinburg, TN


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