Smoky Mountain Brewery & Restaurant

 photo BD608374-C01C-4123-8B25-9BB477891E21-26601-00002AC47C789BFA_zpsc5cb8e3e.jpg

Terry selected this brewery for our single “splurge” meal. It was an excellent choice.

 photo 6761E3AF-6EC4-46D2-A6E3-1B750FC1D58D-26601-00002AC426BACC75_zps63530db7.jpg

We were seated in a windowed corner with pleasant mountain views…

 photo d77fe576-c784-42ae-9a33-38a20407218e_zpsbdea39de.jpg

 photo ee92bc38-23fe-479d-81ed-ada637bb2506_zpsa7c108e1.jpg

and delicious food.

 photo 14dee76f-71c3-46ec-8a95-db2060f041e9_zps287e4fa5.jpg

Gatlinburg, TN
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