Newfound Gap & Appalachian Trail

 photo DSC_0334_zps535a80ce.jpg

Driving down from Clingman’s Dome, we stopped at Newfound Gap.

 photo DSC_0335_zps7ace39cd.jpg

 photo DSC_0336_zps53aa1552.jpg

The Appalachian Trail crosses over Newfound Gap Road and straddles the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee for most of its length through the [Great Smoky Mountains National] Park.

 photo DSC_0339_zps8e842389.jpg

 photo DSC_0341_zpsd5c088de.jpg

 photo DSC_0343_zpsccccfbc8.jpg

 photo DSC_0346_zpsfff409a3.jpg

Some people try to walk the entire 2,174 mile trail over several months.

Rebecca decided to take the short cut. She stepped across the entire Appalachian Trail in just a few seconds. She’s speedy!

 photo DSC_0347_zps79213eea.jpg

 photo 4a2db79f-b3d3-46a9-ac9f-0686f3bacd9f_zpsf731e305.jpg

 photo DSC_0351_zpsb5a2b1b0.jpg

 photo b963997a-6677-4fa3-b4eb-177e694f6e2f_zps7ab235b4.jpg

 photo 942b897a-5b6c-4cdd-aa5a-f034437bbe10_zps0d6fbd91.jpg

 photo 2e72f1b6-a6f4-4430-9b45-8fd03d2b8f5c_zpse47ea257.jpg

 photo DSC_0359_zps53c08e12.jpg

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
NC/TN border


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