Grotto Falls

 photo 855eec75-a2b7-4e78-a14f-61bfdac6fe2b_zpsd1a6159c.jpg

After a full hour of hiking, we arrived at beautiful Grotto Falls.

 photo 3478e38d-30d7-4c96-9f68-aed198ebd57c_zps21a3b6da.jpg

The most distinctive feature about Grotto Falls is that it’s the only waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that a person can actually walk behind. The 25-foot high waterfall offers a cool, shady, and moist retreat for hikers in the summer.

 photo 88fd6708-6243-4e11-b9d3-5820504dcf5c_zpseca4b4df.jpg

 photo DSC_0136_zpsdad7f56b.jpg

 photo DSC_0138_zps361b1a74.jpg

I hesitated to endanger my Nikon with waterfall spray, but the rest of the family stepped behind the falls.

 photo b3af2938-44ab-4de2-a45c-1951a1647225_zpsb380b81d.jpg

 photo 22b2dee8-2ab7-41a8-852e-e2f2de090234_zps2b730a80.jpg

 photo cd5021ff-eda5-43ad-b458-1927ac4e3f36_zps78076c4d.jpg

 photo behindGrottoFallsviaTerryphone_zpsacdade9a.jpg

View from behind Grotto Falls via Terry’s phone:)

 photo DSC_0157_zps2efbe972.jpg

After the cool respite beside Grotto Falls, we headed back down the mountain. The way down seemed much easier—probably only about 45 minutes.

 photo d24aed95-2246-40ba-bae6-dd7fce9af59e_zpse5983f4c.jpg

 photo DSC_0166_zpsa93bd523.jpg

Whew. What a hike! We’re so glad we conquered it!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
near Gatlinburg, TN


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