Showcase Robot

 photo resizedforblogDSC_0234_zps56ced861.jpg

The Flat Mountain Mechanics demonstrated their robot at our local home education spring showcase.

 photo DSC_0235_zps1cf054b4.jpg

 photo resizedforblogDSC_0236_zps888cd19d.jpg

Although we didn’t have a full competition court for the full theatrical effect of FRC, the team used their homemade plywood low goal to demonstrate dumping frisbees in autonomous mode.

 photo resizedforblogDSC_0238_zps20ae8834.jpg

Then, the team driver resumed control of the robot…

 photo DSC_0247_zpsaafb265a.jpg

and successfully negotiated the robot up to the third level of the tower. [The team’s lead mentor borrowed an official competition tower from the Michigan FRC organization for demo purposes.]

 photo DSC_0245_zps24e57828.jpg

Grandma and Christian watched from the side of the sanctuary.

 photo DSC_0253_zpsbf4446e1.jpg

Several team members had prepared a slide show of the past season’s activities.

 photo DSC_0257_zps46330c76.jpg

 photo DSC_0261_zps252b8334.jpg
Team awards were displayed along with FRC information. We’re hoping for additional team members to participate next season.

 photo DSC_0264_zps06465b5e.jpg

After the showcase performances finished, spectators were invited to drive the robot. Rebecca remained in the cordoned-off area to intervene in case of robot crisis.

 photo 9886b106-008f-44d0-be36-296b2c1d3a5d_zps26d883fd.jpg

Christian installed a new battery when the robot tired.

 photo DSC_0276_zps500a7f0e.jpg

Even Grandpa took the opportunity to operate the robot:)



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