Parade Robot

 photo 14104a5b-fd6c-4073-b70f-04127467d183_zpsfef97dc2.jpg

 photo b13dbb6b-b7c8-4018-8c7a-7c5bf19b3265_zpsc6cc5422.jpg

 photo 9036868a-1d63-46f8-9c7d-97ffc5030452_zps3bc510ce.jpg

 photo dab48424-78c5-4c79-a4b0-0f82c77945d8_zps9e18fe3d.jpg

 photo bda03868-16f0-48c4-b5b6-42982817958a_zpse63a6042.jpg

 photo 208edb72-71c4-4362-b316-878806249345_zps2e6a042e.jpg

 photo 0be7b510-aaf5-49d9-b6b3-a0694d1d25bd_zpse7455776.jpg

 photo 832861dc-776a-4003-9d67-5e2e114d1f65_zps3213bb0b.jpg


Maple Syrup Festival Parade

Flat Mountain Mechanics

FRC Robotics Team #4819


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