photo a3af14d2-b3e7-4d8d-ae98-4ddf9a1b1c9f_zpsa41f9dd6.jpg

Fog smothered central Michigan for several days in April.

 photo 57b4f9c1-45b9-42b5-839f-ff35cb7b2665_zpsf01903fd.jpg

After we memorized Carl Sandburg’s poem, Fog,

Rebecca was inspired to write her own variation:

The fog creeps
in on silent wisps.

It hovers over
deer and forest
and then quietly
floats off.

 photo 01d8cc07-3ee8-40bd-936f-2cfac3b40620_zps480a7c23.jpg

 photo 8ff129b7-40b9-49fa-9cf0-b5d4a91b6826_zps8a9d883e.jpg

 photo b0b88cc5-89ce-4489-a8e3-85c23b238f5c_zps7e358782.jpg



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