FRC Troy District Competition, Day 2

 photo DSC_0563crop2_zpsfeb53ad4.jpg

Our second day of competition started off much better than the first.

Team #4819 performed flawlessly through their remaining 3 qualifying matches.

 photo DSC_0384_zps8d231abb.jpg

 photo 8607246145_ab5cbcc6e6_o_zpsa8b8345f.jpg

The Flat Mountain Mechanics were named Most Impressive Rookie by the Hot Team #67.

 photo 1d849904-4677-4e5f-82e4-ba46fa6da642_zps5e979b79.jpg

 photo 65ec6558-c174-492a-bb71-d254d1bb7e35_zps6b5723db.jpg

We also received a Cliffhanger Award from Team #68, the Truck Town Thunder.

 photo DSC_0340cropped_zps9580d621.jpg

We waited through the final qualifying matches and found ourselves seeded 14th of the 40 teams competing.

 photo DSC_0388_zpse233dc20.jpg

 photo DSC_0393_zpsc039b506.jpg

 photo DSC_0397_zpsbe1989fe.jpg

 photo DSC_0444_zpsc57576e9.jpg

During the alliance selection process for the elimination rounds, the Flat Mountain Mechanics were named captain of Alliance Team 8. We selected two other teams to join us in the quarterfinals.

 photo DSC_0452_zpsc66da29d.jpg

 photo DSC_0463_zps8eff426e.jpg

One more bumper change was necessary.

 photo DSC_0478_zps7b0c4beb.jpg

 photo 8608378792_51430d82e1_o_zps694b3161.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

 photo 8608493622_5526e73e49_o_zpsb45df63b.jpg

[photo credit Daniel Ernst]

In the end, Saturday’s flawless performances were not enough to beat Alliance Team 1, and the Flat Mountain Mechanics lost in the quarterfinals.

 photo DSC_0576_zpsf18289d1.jpg

However, the Flat Mountain Mechanics still earned the District Highest Rookie Seed Award, as we had for the Kettering University District Competition!

 photo DSC_0577_zpscf4e7710.jpg

Sorry about the blurry photo. Appropriate camera settings elude me.

 photo DSC_0590_zps357f8352.jpg

Team #4819 was also given the Troy District Rookie Inspiration Award!



After the scores were tallied for all 11 of Michigan’s district competitions for the 2013 season, Team #4819 was ranked the Highest Rookie of all Michigan teams!


Flat Mountain Mechanics,

on such a successful rookie season!


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