biology dissections

 photo DSC_0762_zpsbd729e22.jpg

Christian’s biology course encourages 4 dissection experiments, of which 2 are documented here. I only included the “tame” photographs at or near the beginning of his explorations, so please don’t worry. This blog will remain G-rated 🙂

 photo DSC_0772_zpse885134c.jpg

His first dissection specimen was an earthworm.

 photo DSC_0778_zpse158e310.jpg

 photo DSC_0781_zpsa5150789.jpg

Next was a crayfish.

 photo DSC_0785_zps319c676d.jpg

Not pictured are the perch and frog specimens Christian dissected in March. Aren’t you glad I neglected to photograph those?

course: Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology
preserved specimen and dissection tool kit: Home Science Tools

2.20.13 & 2.26.13


One thought on “biology dissections

  1. Bianca says:

    I love Becca’s face in the second picture! Thank you for not showing on the blog the further process of disection. 🙂

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