Black Belts at last!

 photo DSC_0705_zps9a1df640.jpg

After 4.5 years of training,
including weekly classes,
at-home practice,
at least 8 Saturdays of advanced training,
and writing 5- to 6-page papers* on a related topic,
our students earned their martial arts black belts!

 photo DSC_0716_zpse0c9f9a8.jpg

What an amazing accomplishment for young adults aged 13 and 15!

 photo DSC_0733croppedforblog_zpsc7e81411.jpg

Many thanks to the panel of judges, instructors, and sparring assistants
of Gateway Martial Arts,
especially Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Tilmann, and Mrs. Troxell,
for their numerous hours of teaching and patience.

 photo 56aabb0f-f9cd-4e4e-876d-bba55451019a_zps7ec11135.jpg

*Follow these links if you wish to read
Rebecca’s paper entitled The Martial Arts: An Excellent Sport for Women or
Christian’s paper, Geometry in the Martial Arts.


P.S. Christian and Rebecca also thank
Aunt Bianca and their Grandparents
for their support in attending the looooong
(and sometimes violent) black belt test!!

black belt test part 4
the finale


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