recliner adventures


Terry’s recliner broke this summer. After years of redneck adjustments, his old black leather chair was finally beyond repair. Months of research and furniture store visits, including sitting in hundreds of sample recliners from mid-Michigan to Lansing to Grand Rapids to Detroit, led Terry to select a specific model and fabric. Of course, no furniture store nearby stocked that particular chair. No one nearby would order it for a less-than-obnoxious price.

A furniture store in Traverse City responded to Terry’s request with confirmation of THE exact chair on clearance. Hurray!

110 miles northwest of home, furniture store employees wrapped the recliner in saran wrap and our folk strapped it into a borrowed trailer [thanks, Ron & Janet!]. Terry spent a few bucks on duct tape, which matched the chair, by the way, but the saran wrap insisted upon flapping in the wind. He drove back to the furniture store and begged for a box.


Terry hauled the boxed chair another 35 miles so I could hear the waves of Lake Michigan, as featured in my last post. It’s impossible, you know, to drive anywhere near a Great Lake without visiting it.


God’s vibrant paintbrush was evident along the way.




Grand Traverse Bay in the distance.


DSC_0890 cropped

We stopped for supper and our men anchored the chair a bit tighter to the trailer for our return trip.

DSC_0884 cropped


Ah…just right!

9.29.12 & 12.2.12


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