Rebecca’s Pre-Birthday Party!

DSC_0778 r cake

Grandma baked this uber-personalized cake with animal-print candles and camo marble decorations!

Please note:  We did NOT eat cake before pizza. The cake photo was more attractive than the pizza photo, so I rearranged my blog post accordingly 🙂


Papa John’s pizza was served at the birthday girl’s request.


Although they were not able to attend, Uncle Dale and Aunt Bev kindly allowed us to party at their cabin on the lake. Christian and Rebecca explored said lake via paddle boat.

DSC_0696 caden sad face

Caden was disappointed because we delayed his fishing plans. Such a poignantly sad face.


Temps were in the 90s with high humidity, so we maneuvered into shade as much as possible.


Poor Jeanni hobbled around with a leg cast 😦 At least it’s a funky purple color 🙂


more birthday party pics tomorrow


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