Cavorting with Cousin Caden

DSC_0247 cropped

Cousin Caden spent a couple of days with us. I’d forgotten how much energy a 4-year-old possesses!

DSC_0254 cropped

Not quite sure why Christian was running with a bat?!?!

DSC_0259 cropped

DSC_0282 cropped

DSC_0308 cropped

DSC_0311 cropped

You might notice Rebecca sitting on the porch swing in this photograph. Earlier in the day, she pitched a wiffle ball to Christian, and he slammed it into her nose. I don’t have a photo to show you of the blood gushing from her nose. Neither do I have an image of her fainting into my arms. Thankfully, I caught Rebecca as she fainted, the bleeding ceased, and the blue and purple bruise faded without lasting damage. She was, however, relegated to calm activity for the remainder of the day.

DSC_0293 cropped

DSC_0220 cropped


I’m proud of the way both Christian and Rebecca entertained Caden. Although all were extremely tired, I think they enjoyed his stay!



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