scenes from turkey season



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I’ve never hunted for turkey, so I know nothing about it. I DO know that the rest of my family spent much of May in search of the creatures. Christian and Rebecca attended a 2-day hunter safety course earlier in the month so that they could obtain their own hunting licenses.

Terry’s brother-in-law, Ron, lent them the turkey blind and decoys and taught them how to call the turkeys. Terry already had a 20-gauge shotgun to use, but Ron also lent them a 12-gauge so that 2 of them could be prepared to shoot. They voluntarily set alarm clocks for 4:30 am on some days! They spent hours sitting in fields and in the woods and stalking turkeys throughout the family acreage. Unfortunately, none of the fowl strutted close enough for the kids to shoot while their licenses were valid. Maybe next year.

throughout May 2012

all photos courtesy of Terry and his phone


2 thoughts on “scenes from turkey season

  1. Laura says:

    All I know is that my boys (especially Jonathan) would LOVE that turkey blind! Hunting or no hunting! Cool!! 😀

    • Heather says:

      My hunters would like to own one of those tent blinds, too, so they don’t need to borrow Uncle Ron’s. My guess is that it would be used for much more than just turkey season!

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