art show — the unconventional way


Christian created this unusual art display for our home education association’s art show.


He rooted through Dad’s computer graveyard to discover interesting-looking components and screwed them to a board with Dad’s assistance.


Uncle Josh & Aunt Bianca traveled from Grand Rapids (approximately 2 hours) to attend the Art Show! Grandma and Papa also attended, although their 6.3-mile journey was a bit less significant 🙂 Nevertheless, we thank you all for coming!


Christian explained which components were from which types of computer and their initial purposes. Hard drives, cd drives, motherboards, a sound card, several graphics cards, and memory sticks comprised this PC art.


Christian’s other art show entry was this SR-71 Blackbird model he created from glued layers of styrofoam insulation. He spent many hours designing and building this model. Considerable sanding and gluing and painting was involved.


Rebecca placed buttons on her handmade checkerboard as the art show began.


She cut all these fabric squares individually and then hand-stitched them in a checkerboard pattern. [I wonder if Aunt Nay, Jeanni, & Jenae will recognize this material? While at their house several years ago, Rebecca sewed a small pillowcase from those polka-dotted fabrics. One side was pink and the other side was blue. She said it didn’t properly fit her pillows, so she decided to cut it apart for this new project.] After Rebecca completed the checkerboard, we took it to a fabric store and bought the contrasting green fuzz-ball trim. She sifted through her button collection to select coordinating checkers. I’m proud of Rebecca for dreaming up this unique project, and for patiently stitching all those tiny squares.


She also built this vibrant Lego house.


We’re glad that our home education association welcomes many different styles of art.


Rebecca’s 3rd entry was this set of martial arts tonfas. She and Dad created them from PVC pipe, hockey tape, and spray paint.


Thankfully, she refrained from damaging the art show exhibits and attendees with her weapons.



4 thoughts on “art show — the unconventional way

  1. Kristine says:

    Brilliant. I absolutely love the creativity. Such a great post, Heather, a testament to how kids thrive in a homeschool environment. (I know, I know, kids in ps could come up with this too, but that’s not the point!)

  2. Amy says:

    I loved your kids’ unconventional take on the art show! It was good to see you and refind your blog too!

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