We believe that the pesky emerald ash borer killed several trees along our property line. Regardless of the cause, however, the dead trees were looking horribly dejected. Time to come down.


Terry’s dad and brother-in-law (Ron) came over to cut the biggest ones. [My mom and Terry had already helped to cut down several on previous days.] Viewing our lumberjacks from the tailgate were Janet, Caden, and Rebecca. I snapped most of these photos from the front porch until I wimped out and stepped back inside.


Terry’s dad used the tractor bucket to brace the largest tree, in hopes that it wouldn’t fall on the lumberjacks or our propane tank. I was praying fervently.


The largest tree leaned over into its neighbor…


so Ron and Terry moved over to cut that one next. With help from the tractor, both trees fell into the (currently empty) field to the north of our property.

I’m grateful that no one was injured in the process!


The aftermath. Rebecca has been helping to harvest the firewood for our parents’ woodburner.


Some perspective…these trees (climbed by Christian and Rebecca in 2008) are all gone.


Our property line looks awfully bare and ugly in this area right now. We plan to plant some more trees in the spring.



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