the big birthday gift


When we gave Christian scissors on his 14th birthday, we told him that we had a much bigger gift in mind.

Dad spent several hours with Christian—preparing and placing an order for a computer case and components.

I think he likes it!







4 thoughts on “the big birthday gift

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    How Cool! I’m so excited for him. 🙂

  2. Thanks, it is much faster than the dino i used to have. It has a x6 phenom and 8 gig of ram though am currently still using on-board graphics.

  3. Cousin Jeanni says:

    Very impressive! What are the major plans for this special computer of yours robot inventor?

  4. I plan on using it for school and my programming. As well as for just an all around computer. Hopefully it is powerful enough it will last several years before becoming behind standard. My old computer was just very slow. it could run win xp reasonably fast but that was about it.

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