My firstborn child turned 14 recently!

How can it be?


Although not the featured birthday child, Rebecca is a terrific smile-prompter.


Nothing less than pi wrapping paper would suit our geeky son!


Oooohhhh–scissors. The perfect gift for a teen.

(I was weary of Christian stealing my scissors in the school room. He already owned 2, but he apparently needs 3 so he can leave 1 in the basement for his rc airplane-crafting, 1 in his room for who-knows-what, and 1 at his school desk.)


As we expected, Christian spent more time enjoying the pi wrapping paper than he did rejoicing over new scissors. Dad (whose feet you see in this last photo) chatted with him about our main gift plan, which was certainly more exciting than lame scissors.

Tune in next time to see Christian’s main birthday gift, which didn’t fit inside the pi paper 🙂



2 thoughts on “14!

  1. Laura says:

    I feel your pain on the scissors issue! 🙂 ha! And what cool wrapping paper? Where did you find that? Happy Birthday to Christian!

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