Surviving the Elements


At the Chippewa Nature Center, our children learned about Surviving the Elements:

What is it about? –  Students learn a few basic survival techniques that could save their lives if lost in the woods.  They are given survival scenarios and as a group learn to make decisions and take appropriate action.   Students learn map and compass skills, fire building and fire by friction, shelter construction, and water purification skills.


We waited in the Visitor’s Center for the other homeschoolers to assemble. This portion of the building overhangs the Chippewa River.


Amazingly, coordinators of the field trip had already gathered enough chaperones so that I was not required to stay. I was student-free for nearly four hours! This is the only field trip I can remember NOT supervising during the past 7 years of our homeschooling. Such an odd feeling! While the children built shelters and set fires, I gathered books at a library, met Terry for lunch, and shopped at several stores by myself. Those few hours flew by.


Although I have no photos of the survival training, Christian and Rebecca relayed tales of an enjoyable experience. I just hope they’re with me if I’m ever stranded on a desert island.




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