“There’s a cow in our driveway,”


exclaimed Christian.

I understand that we live in the country, but I’m accustomed to seeing bovines in their pens alongside the road, rather than in my driveway.


After drinking from our delicious driveway puddle, Ms. Cow moseyed on down the path to Papa’s runway. We learned later that Ms. Cow was being delivered to her new home several miles away when she elected to instead explore the neighborhood.



4 thoughts on ““There’s a cow in our driveway,”

  1. Aunt Bianca says:

    Oh my! I am very used to them complaining about *me* being in their space while they are inside their fenced field across from Papa’s driveway, but I have never been around to experience one IN the driveway. Love the Country!

  2. Dad says:

    Someone let my supper wander off! Just another 30 seconds on the grill and those steaks would have been done to perfection.

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